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Anne Duk Hee Jordan is a visual and food artist. She opens up doors to an artistic universe where she humorously creates romantic machines that mirror, extend, or convert biological processes and chemical reactions between living organisms and dead material. She collects her inspiration from marine life, biology, sexuality and reproduction, nutrition, ecology and researches them with help of specialists from various fields.

Entering the realm of Anne Duk Hee Jordan’s work is like walking into a Wunderkammer. Her work is like an interactive fantasy play with the knowledge and theories about the world and our souls. In the absence of concrete knowledge, fantasy runs riot. Jordan opens up doors to a holistic universe where she humorously and romantically creates machines that mirror, extend or convert biological processes and chemical reactions between living organisms and dead material, which are then interwoven with classical mythology and poetry. All of her works are interconnected to one another and are developing a continual narrative between science, art and philosophy.

The impetus behind Jordan’s installations is often a specific biological process that symbolizes a social space, in which she allows certain circulations and prohibits others. She explores flows of energy, while simultaneously treating her own inner conflicts as a theme. In her artwork, man and nature encounter one another; yet through her creative process, she contradicts that initial categorization in the first place.

Her work acts as a discourse between her own identity, the identity of social origin and the social structure of existence. She analyzes structures and systems in an ironical or cynical debate with an apparent factuality and enters thereby into a discourse between art and science. One may wonder whether she wants to explain science through her art or if she wants to decry it. Nevertheless, the work remains a discourse between these realms.

Currently, her projects are concerned with the changing sex in ecology.  She takes both, marine life and sexuality, and explores the changes which occur in them and how the creatures are able to adapt to these changes. “After a month of free diving, many hours of underwater filming, interviews with marine biologists and geologists on the Atlantic coast (Spain), I tell the story of reproduction and decay and a sexuality way beyond our own imagination, while examining the relationship between nature, time and human intervention,” she comments on one of her works, Ziggy and the Starfish.

Anne Duk Hee Jordan was born in Korea and lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Arts, Berlin Weissensee, and continued with a Master of Fine Arts in Berlin at the Institut für Raumexperimente under Olafur Eliasson.

Jordan has had solo exhibitions at Balzer Projects (2016), Basel, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, and Berlin, including Metrotopie at the House of World Cultures, (HKW) – as well as being part of group shows at Neue National Gallerie, Berlin (2015), nGbK, Berlin (2014), Marrakech Biennale 2014, Flux Factory, New York (2013), Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Museum of Contemporary Modern Art Tokyo (2011), Goethe Institute Sao Paolo (2011), and the Reykjavik Art Museum (2011).  Most recently, she exhibited at the Beaufort Triannial in Belgium and at the 1. Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA 1) (2018).  Her solo-show “Ziggy on the Land of Drunken Trees” is on view at Kunstverein Galerie Wedding in Berlin until the End of October 2018.