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Lawrence Power describes his artistic artistic practice as “[…] a process of painting, over-painting, collaging.” He works with architecture on a flat surface and explores and tests the boundaries set by classical paintings – a practice introduced by modernism but developed and explored by artists ever since.

Although a painter at first sight, Lawrence Power is a “difficult-to-label” artist. Strictly working two-dimensionally, his artistic practice is engaged in breaking down the conceptual and physical boundaries that have traditionally separated a work from its surrounding space. Dichotomies and opposites characterize the artist’s work: painting and sculpture, the singular and the serial, movement and stasis, interior and exterior, public and private and abstraction and figuration. But Power’s work is as much painting as it is collage and sculpture – and yet, the artist explicitly calls his work “paintings”.

Unlike many artists of his generation, Lawrence Power is a keen and critical student of art history. He is greatly influenced by post WWII artists, such as Alberto Burri, Antoni Tàpies and Lucio Fontana who successfully blurred the line between painting and sculpture. But the artist is now developing his own visual universe based on minimalism, abstraction and subtle figuration. The latter being so subtle that it often reveals its figuration to the viewer only gradually and through specific titles attributed to his paintings.

Painting is a language for Power, but he defines it in individual, personal ways. Two clear lines can be crystallized – the semiotic and the aesthetic, but they merge into one and are clearly readable in every work. Power works contextually to explore forms and their implicit visual poetry. The artist explores meaning in relation to symbols and motives which act as building blocks of his own language.

Lawrence Power (1982*, in Lowerhutt, New Zealand) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Powers studied painting at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada until 2005. In 2011, he completed his masters degree in Fine Arts in the class Schwontkowski / class Reyle at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg.  His work has been shown widely in solo and group shows (USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland). (For more Information, please contact the gallery and consult, and