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Swiss artist Natalie Reusser’s (*1988) work consists of abstract paintings, drawings, fabric interceptions and installations. Her interest in cloth and materials as a medium has to do with immediacy, the relationship with the materials in question, their physical structure and character. Retaining some of the defining forms of minimalism, modularity and unconventional materials, she creates eccentric work that is repetitive and labor intensive. Standing in front of her work, one cannot but ask oneself ‘How did she possibly do that and how long must that have taken?” A question that inevitably draws one’s attention back to the mechanical, chemical and physical processes that lead to these stunning results.

Reusser understands her work process as an exploration into specific fabrics, and their materials and functional constitutions and qualities. She mainly works with technically complex textiles such as Carbon, Kevlar and Nylon, but also collects fabrics with a history and with visible signs of use. She subjects them to microscopic analyses without relying upon prior research or secondary information.

Visual and tactile elements dominate. Reusser takes the fabric apart, transforms and imitates it at later stages. Through the often surprising effects generated by the mechanical treatment and manipulation of the fabrics, a dialogue between artist and material emerges, in which the outcome can be understood as proof of an intense interaction.

Apart from this immediate examination and scrutiny of materials, fabrics are also imitated and re-painted. Reusser also uses graphite to imitate weaving-techniques, for example the broken twill weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs (one of the most complex weaving techniques) and the plain weave with its vertical and horizontal criss-cross structures. The products are works of accomplished simplicity and high aesthetic quality. Through their minimalist aesthetic and surprisingly simple visual qualities, Reusser’s works are in productive juxtaposition to their protracted, processual and interactive histories.

Natalie Reusser lives and works in Bern. In 2014, she received a Masters degree in Contemporary Art Practice from the Academy of Arts in Bern. Since her 2015 solo gallery project in Basel, she has participated in numerous groups in Swiss and international galleries and institutions. In the Autumn of 2017, she will present her second solo show at balzer projects.