Natalie Reusser | CHARLIE
December 8 to January 20, 2017

Vernissage: December 7, 18-20h

Press release
Exhibition view

seile | die linie – absetzen, ansetzen | umwickeln | verhärtung | legen | hängen | stellen | anlehnen | trennen | verbinden | latex | stoff | häkeln | ton | das weiche/harte | gips | gaze | faden | draht | grenzen verbinden | trennen | veränderbar? | glasfaser | pu-harz | auf leinwand | schläuche | dinge aufhängen | farbauftrag | schichtung | struktur | zufall | vermehren | öffnen | zerstören | manipulieren | gegenseitig aufheben | was ordnet sich wem unter? | skulpturmalerei | nichtbilder | leere | inhalt | bildträger | träger wie? | raum | strenge | sinnlichkeit | flüchtigkeit | beständigkeit | rohheit | absurdität | chaos | ordnung
Balzer Projects is proud to present CHARLIE, the second solo show of Natalie Reusser in the gallery. On view is her most recent work, which consists of abstract paintings and three-dimensional work, fabric interceptions and installations.
Industrial fabrics have interested Reusser for a long time, because of their physical structure, elusive character and intrinsic resistance to aesthetic manipulation. Trained as a painter, Reusser questions traditional conceptions of aesthetic visualization.
Visual and tactile elements dominate when Reusser takes fabrics apart and transforms them. Mechanical and manual manipulation result in surprising effects, which allow for a dialogue between artist and material to emerge. With minimalism as a historical backdrop, modularity of the materials helps to create a body of work that highlights the dichotomy of appearing at once easy and simple, yet complex and labor intensive.
Natalie Reusser’s experiments evolve from a fundamental engagement with the materiality of canvas and paint to a body of work, in which the textile qualities of the supporting material become the focus. She explores all kinds of textiles and fabrics, developed her own methods of handling and treating the materials. She approaches any new project as openly as possible. Looking, deconstructing, adding, imitating, transforming, and combining—characteristics and qualities are exposed that transcend the fabric’s intended function. Her artistic journey is a constant dialogue with the unknown.
In CHARLIE works are juxtaposed with paint layered and stretched on linen, lace, canvas and jersey, to assemblages and objects made of glass- and carbon fibers; gesso and clay, oil- and acrylic paint, carbon-, glass-, aramide-, or Dyneema fabric, crocheted, knitted, weaved and layered. Reusser also collects fabrics with a history and visible signs of use.
Natalie Reusser lives and works in Bern. In 2014, she received a Masters degree in Contemporary Art Practice from the Academy of Arts in Bern. Since her 2015 solo gallery project in Basel, she has participated in numerous group shows in Swiss and international galleries and institutions.