Pawel Ferus | Ex Future No Sleep
February 2 to March 24, 2018
Vernissge: February 1, 2018, 18 to 20h
Guided Tour and Artist Talk with Pawel Ferus: March 9, 18:30 to 20:30h
Finissage: March 23, 2018, 17 to 20h

Press release
Exhibition view

Balzer Projects is delighted to present Pawel Ferus’ first solo show in the gallery.  On view are works sculptures, objects, installations and Smartphone drawings from 2017/18. He is interested in working out sculptural formulations, which often are based on or allude to classical/traditional sculpture and subtly or overtly make direct references to artistic predecessors. His work is also frequently accentuated by ready-made influences.
Ferus rejects the idea of a passive relationship between artwork and viewer and he is interested in how his work speaks and interacts with the audience. He convinces by his excellent craftsmanship. From abstract to figurative and something in between, his works possess a character that is at once lighthearted and deeply philosophical,literary, political and full of witty references. He emphasizes clean geometrical lines that balance forms inherent in the materials with the symbolic allusions of figuration. Philosophical reflections upon time, posterity, memory, history, body, space and life in general are on his artistic agenda.

As a trained stonemason, Ferus employs an array of materials, from marble, stone and concrete to silicone, glass and cloth. A sense of humor and a subtle, but decisive cultural and political critique runs like a red threat through his oeuvre.

Pawel Ferus was born in Poland in 1973 and came to Switzerland as a teenager. After an apprenticeship in stone masonry, he graduated with a diploma in Fine Arts from the FHNW/HGK in Basel. He has been the recipient of many prizes and awards. His work has been shown widely in Switzerland and abroad.

Pawel Ferus is very visible in the Swiss art scene. He actively contributes to public debates and discourses and participates in numerous nonprofit exhibitions and activities in the visual arts.